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The funniest news in world football

As in any field, there are amusing and unusual events in world football. Here are some examples of funny news that has happened in world football:

  1. Hero goalkeeper: A funny situation happened in the 2019 Italian Cup match between Sassuolo and Atalanta. Sassuolo goalkeeper Andrea Consiglio accidentally hit his own goal after his bouncing shot off the bar hit his back and reflected in the net.
  2. A curious goal: In the 2017 Champions League match between Benfica and Borussia Dortmund, an unusual goal occurred. Benfica defender Julio Cesar tried to clear the ball but it hit his team’s goalkeeper and bounced into the net, bringing the opposing team a goal.
  3. Footballer’s car: In 2014, after the Spanish national team won the World Cup, the players celebrated their victory in Madrid. Defender Sergio Ramos climbed onto the roof of a car during the parade in Madrid and started dancing, eliciting cheering reactions from the fans.
  4. Funny incident with the referee: In the 2016 Champions League match between Bayern and Atletico Madrid, referee Chavier Fernandez Martinez slipped and fell on the floor when the ball hit him. This unusual moment provoked laughter from players and spectators.
  5. Unusual goal celebrations: Football players sometimes come up with funny ways to celebrate goals. For example, after scoring a goal, the Icelandic players at the 2018 World Cup in Russia staged an imaginary Viking trek to the stand.