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What is the point of the pass to the third player?

A pass to a third player is a tactic in football where a player does not pass the ball to his direct team-mate (the first player), but chooses a third player as the recipient of the pass. This tactic can be used to create surprise attacks and bypass the opponent’s defence.

The essence of the pass to the third player is to deceive the opponents and change the direction of the attack. When the ball carrier makes a pass to a third player, it can create a surprise for the defenders, as they may not be ready for the change of attacking trajectory.

Advantages of using a pass to a third player include:

  1. Unexpectedness: The opponent may be expecting a pass to the first player and using a third player may confuse them.
  2. Creating free space: A pass to the third player can help create free space for the receiver, as the defenders will be focused on other players.
  3. Opportunity to attack from different sides: This type of pass can be particularly useful when a team is looking to attack from different sides of the pitch.

However, it is important to choose the right moment and situation to use the pass to the third player, as it is not always the best option. The tactics depend on the specific situation on the pitch and the playing style of the team.