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25 December
Famous football curses

Football is known for its superstitions and legends, including football curses that are associated with certain teams, players and even stadiums. Here are a…

25 December
Football’s biggest disappointments

Football disappointments can be quite powerful and emotional for fans, players and teams. Here are some of the top football disappointments that can happen:…

25 December
What do you need to buy before a football game?

Before playing football, you will need to purchase certain equipment and gear to ensure your safety and comfort during the game. Here is a…

25 December
Football gaiters – beauty or necessity?

Football gaiters are a must-have piece of equipment for many footballers and players to ensure safety and comfort when playing. They are long socks…

29 October
How to correctly receive top passes in football

Taking overhead passes (high balls) in football requires good co-ordination, ball control skills and a high level of skill. Here are some tips on…

29 October
What is a derby in football

Derbies in football are matches between two football teams that are geographically close and usually developed over a long historical rivalry. These matches have…

29 October
Who is called a pibe in football

In football, the term “pibe” (pronounced “pibe”) is used to describe young and talented players who have great potential. The term is often associated…

29 October
Footballers positions: everything a real fan needs to know

Football is a team game, and each player on the pitch fulfils certain roles and functions, depending on their position. Here are the main…

29 October
What is the point of the pass to the third player?

A pass to a third player is a tactic in football where a player does not pass the ball to his direct team-mate (the…